Sunday, December 06, 2020

Retiring this blog

Photo by Ethan Ou on Unsplash

This is being written a few years too late. Then again, I don't think too many people read blogs like this the way we all used to.

It's been a great run here on this blog. As time has moved on, so has the way people consume information, and my area of focus. While I do still get involved with Identity & Access Management (IAM) matters, it's only a portion of what I spend time doing.

So I'm leaving all my previous posts here for posterity, and am officially retiring this blog.

The starting of this blog actually coincided with my move from Sydney to London. As an indirect result, the best part of blogging here has been getting to know the other people in the IAM blogosphere all over the world, from Europe, where I was based and most prolific in my writing, across to North America. I even got to meet and interview the then President of Oracle, Charles Phillips.

Blogging gave me access to speak with people internationally for professional reasons, which was not something I had before being just a few years into my infosec career and having my community be very localised to Sydney, Australia.

Thank you to all the other bloggers I've had the privilege of interacting with over the years, and to all of you for reading and commenting.

Nowadays, you can still find me writing on a multitude of different platforms including LinkedIn, Medium, and other official media publications.

For the most updated set of links to where I may be posting things, check out or follow me on my social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter).