Friday, May 10, 2013

Login to the real world with your Facebook account

The following is an excerpt from an article I just wrote for CSO Australia.
Ultimately, context is the key to understanding the appropriate use of social identities. While we may be happy browsing a retailer’s website logged in with our Facebook account for a personalised experience, we are not going to be making the payment with it. Organisations that get the balance right while understanding appropriate use and context can begin their social-enablement journey with their eyes open.
Check out the rest of it here.


Travis Spencer said...

Exactly, Ian. Spot on. I gave a talk at a recent conference in Sweden where I explained the same sort of thing and gave a demo of how one can combine social and a more trusted identity to securely incorporate social into one's site: I welcome your feedback on that.

Thanks for sharing, Ian.

Susan Morrow said...

The best of both worlds, is to symbiotically use social federated login as a registration credential for a third party verified online identity. Then you get the ease of use (inherent in the registration process and assertion) and familiarity of the social media credential along with an identiity thats got some assurance to it. Adding multi-factor credentials on top of the social ones also ups the assurance levels - you can have your cake and eat it (financial services and governments)