Thursday, October 29, 2009

CA's been busy

Earlier last week, CA sent out a fairly lengthy press release with a list of products they've updated; I guess they've been busy.

That said, most of the updates were fairly minor:
  • Access Control got some privileged user management teeth.
  • Identity Manager got more hooks into Role & Compliance Manager to give us "Smart Provisioning". According to CA, this means they now provide: "the capability during the provisioning process to prevent business and regulatory policy violations. The software will proactively check for things like SOD (segregation of duties) violations during the provisioning process; it will issue an alert when an entitlement has been assigned that is significantly out-of-pattern or different from the person’s peers; and it will help with productivity and efficiency by suggesting roles that may be useful to a person when compared to the roles of his or her peers."
  • Records Manager got some stuff but I fell asleep reading about it.
The 2 products that caught my eye were GRC Manager and DLP. I'll be writing 2 follow-up posts about them. Stay tuned.

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