Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My top 8 posts for 2008

I've been reflecting on the year that was 2008 and my thoughts moved to the blog. I was wondering whether I'd done it justice so I took a look through my posts and some of the stats. I started to wonder which ones were mildly useful (as opposed to a complete waste of time if some poor person had to read them). I came to the conclusion that a decent way to measure this was to figure out which ones were linked to most and/or generated the most reactions.

As a result, I came up with my top 8 (because it's 2008) posts of the year. I should probably note that this is more for my own benefit than anything else (e.g. I may want to look back at this in a few years).

Anyway, here they are (in reverse order):
8. CA positioning itself to be a GRC vendor that matters
7. Identity Management Top 10 List
6. Roundtable with Oracle President Charles Phillips
5. Part 2 of my conversation with Amit Jasuja from Oracle
4. Can Identity Management really be outsourced?
3. IBM acquires Encentuate - did they just dump Passlogix?
2. Managed Identity Services Survey Results

and the winner is...

1. Metaphysical Directory Virtual Storm and Directory Trek Wars - Act II

Ok, so I cheated a little bit because number 1 combines two separate posts. But they are related and I couldn't separate them, so one could argue they are two halves of the same post :-)

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