Monday, October 06, 2008

Survey deadline extended

We've just gone past the deadline for the Managed Identity Services Survey. Unfortunately, the number of survey responses hasn't quite hit 50, although it was very, very, very close.

If you read the full set of rules, you would have noticed the following:
"The survey will be closed at 11:59pm GMT (London time) on Sunday 5th October 2008 unless the target number of 50 responses has not been reached."

As the rule states, I have to extend the deadline. The new deadline is now 11:59pm GMT (London time) on Sunday 12th October 2008, which is an extension of a week (the survey rules have been updated to reflect this extension with a link back to this blog post for details). The number of responses should hit 50 well before the week is up, but there's no harm in collecting more.

Here's the direct link to the survey. Once again, thanks to all participants to date. I know it takes some effort to fill in, but we're in for some very interesting results (not to mention the iPod touch).

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