Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Results for Question 14 of the Survey

If you were paying attention when I released the Managed Identity Services Survey results yesterday, you may have noticed it was missing the results for question 14.

As I explained at the time, the graphs didn't reflect the actual numbers so I had to take a closer look before publishing them. They've now been corrected and the results updated accordingly.

Now comes the task of working with Identropy and our unbiased third party helper to determine the recipient of the iPod touch. Stay tuned.


André Koot said...

Hi Ian,

nice survey and some interesting results.

Q8 Hardly any outsourcing at all, total number is around 100%, meaning that every participant outsources only one of these services. Funny this result :)

This is partly reflected by the findings in Q10, hardly any outsourcing of security services at all. If we use the security solutions at all, everyone does it on his own.

As for Identity Management services, only in some instances do Corporate policies explicitly forbid outsouring of internal Information, but mostly it is based on risks. Those risks are not further defined. Pity, for it might mean that lack of trust is the major barrier.

As for the benefits, most participants see benefits, all kinds of benefits. Funny that there are lots of benefits defined, but that they cannot be quantified enough to persuade companies to manage the risks any further than to not allow outsourcing.

Looking forward to any further analysis.


Ian said...

Thanks André.

Actually, with regards to Q8 it should add up to 100%. The percentages of each column are in relation to the total number of choices people selected. It allowed for multiple selections and at the same time it was optional (meaning if you don't outsource anything, there is no need to select any choices).

In other words, some people selected quite a few while others didn't select any at all.

With regards to risks, they are always difficult to define. I'm sort of glad that people didn't try to explain themselves too much otherwise I would have had 70 different answers :-) I think you're right about lack of trust though. There's also fear in there somewhere.