Monday, October 27, 2008

Managed Identity Services Survey Results

The Managed Identity Services Survey was closed 2 weeks ago. I said at the time that I had to consolidate the data to produce useful results. It took a little longer than I expected but it's done. A very special thanks to my better half for helping to produce the charts below. And if you thought question 14 was a pain to answer, it was nothing compared to trying to graph the results for it. (Update: I had to remove the results for Q14 because the numbers were a little wonky. Something was lost in the translation between the raw results and the visuals. I'll update accordingly when they are corrected. Update 2: Q14 results have been corrected and uploaded. They are now available at the end of this post.)

If you don't see your exact answer (for those that bothered to type into the "Other" box for your response) in the results it was because I consolidated it into one of the other answers.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to make this blogging engine display images at full size within the page. It seems to only allow for a much smaller version to be inserted and forces the reader to click on each for a full size image. In light of this, I'll take some time within the next week to produce a PDF version of these results for those that prefer an actual document and don't feel like clicking through each image. I'm also planning to write a whitepaper that aims to summarise the survey and give some additional insight based on viewing the data in different ways (this one will take some time so please be patient).

If you are up to it, please feel free to write up your own analysis of the results. Be sure to let me know and I'll link to it.

Without further ado, I present *drum roll*...the results along with the corresponding questions (as I said, you'll need to click on each image for a larger version...unless you have a magnifying glass).

Question 1 - Which country do you live in? (optional)

Comment: Although this was optional, almost everyone completed this question.

Question 2 - Which organisation do you work for? (optional)

Comment: I won't publish the breakdown of all responses here because only roughly half the respondents filled this in. Here is a sample of some of the companies represented: IBM, Oracle, Accenture, Duke University Medical Center, Lehman Brothers, Apple, Tiffany & Co.

Question 3 - How large is your organisation?

Question 4 - Which industry vertical does your organisation best fit into?

Question 5 - What is your role within the organisation?

Question 6 - What do you consider to be your primary area of focus?

Question 7 - Where do you fit into the decision making process?

Question 8 - What services (if any) do you currently outsource?

Question 9 - What stage of your identity management journey are you currently at?

Question 10 - Which of the following solutions have you implemented and how?

Question 11 - If you decided to outsource your identity management infrastructure, which model would your preferred approach be?

Question 12 - What do you see as the biggest barrier to outsourcing identity management?

Comment: I included some of the raw answers left by various people here because while I could probably have consolidated them, I felt it was useful to leave them alone for all to see.

Question 13 - What do you see as the biggest benefit that outsourcing identity management provides?

Comment: I included some of the raw answers left by various people here because while I could probably have consolidated them, I felt it was useful to leave them alone for all to see.

Question 14 - When do you believe your organisation (or other organisations) will be ready for each of the following outsourcing options?


Martin said...

Would it be possible for you to release the raw data?

Ian said...

I've been thinking about it. Problem is that there's some clean-up to be done and personal information to remove.

I'll do it if there's enough demand...time permitting.