Monday, October 13, 2008

Managed Identity Services Survey now closed

The survey's officially closed. Thank you very much to the 70 respondents who took the time and effort. I know question 14 was a real pain :-)

I'll be releasing the basic results soon (and follow up with a more detailed analysis later), but here's a teaser:
  • Over half work for organisations with more than 1000 employees.
  • Many work for organisations in the technology industry, but financial services and healthcare are well represented too.
  • In the decision making process within their organisations, roughly 43% consider themselves decision makers while around 36% consider themselves influencers.
  • The most commonly outsourced service guessed it, software development.
  • When asked what stage of their Identity Management journey their organisation was at, one response gets rather specific: "Sunsetting an old provisioning tool (CA's) (in production 3 years) and replacing it with a new one (Sun's)".
  • Lots of people have implemented Active Directory and LDAP (not surprising), but Federated Identity Management is the least prevalent solution (I'm actually not surprised, but some might be given all the vendor hype around Federation).
The full results are very interesting. I'll post them up as soon as I consolidate the data (e.g. USA, US, United States, United States of America all mean the same thing so I have to standardise the result set accordingly).

I'll also organise the logistics of determining the lucky iPod touch recipient with Identropy. The process will be as transparent as we can possibly make it.

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