Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's National Identity Fraud week in the UK as well?

I mentioned the fact that next week is National Identity Fraud Awareness Week in Australia. What I failed to realise is that this week is National Identity Fraud Prevention Week here in the UK. I've either been REALLY tuned out of the mainstream media or their marketing needs some work.

The same company is behind both initiatives. I gave them a bit of a backhanded compliment remarking that I thought it was a good marketing campaign to sell their paper shredders. But the execution needs a little work and they need to pay attention to the finer details starting with:
  1. The URLs - the Australian site's URL is while the UK site is No wonder I couldn't find the UK site when I first heard about the Australian one. Also, both campaigns officially use the term "Fraud". Why the heck does the Australian URL have "theft" in it? Fellowes need to hire some "consistency police". To that effect, I rescind my kudos to them for being educated enough to use the term "fraud" instead of "theft".
  2. Why does the UK get a "Prevention Week" while Australia gets an "Awareness Week"? Are they implying the UK have gone beyond awareness and need to think about prevention while Australia are behind the times?
On the other hand, I'm probably just being really picky.

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