Saturday, June 21, 2008

So you want to remove the Verdasys agent

This post isn't going to interest many people (so I'll keep it short), but I'm considering it a "community service announcement".

Since I wrote my "Back to Identity" post, people have been landing here via search engines using variants of the phrase "how to remove Verdasys". I assume these are employees of organisations that have the Verdasys Digital Guardian (DG) agent installed on their machines and are trying to get around the system.

I have news for you. If DG is deployed within your environment the way it is in most organisations (with tamper-proof and invisible features turned on), you can't. That's not to say it absolutely cannot be removed. The system or security administrators (whoever is responsible for the DG environment) within your organisation will know how to because they have access to the administrative console and other related details (passwords and so on). Why don't you go ask them? :-)


Anonymous said...

Problem I have is that it needs removed but the computer administrators also don't know how to remove it. They have used a removal CD that was supposed to remove and all it did was botch it up worse than it was.

Ian said...

You need to talk to Verdasys support. They have tools to help you clean it up.