Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Does EMC have its eyes set on Courion?

Read this press release. Then think about the following...

EMC has a security arm in the form of RSA Security. EMC itself does not do enterprise security that isn't somehow tied into storage.

Now, take a look at RSA's list of products...

RSA's cash cow for years has been the token stuff (SecurID). And as a tie into this, all the smart card and PKI products. They also have a decent market share in the enterprise access management space in the form of Access Manager (previously known as ClearTrust). As an extension to this, they have a Federation product. Heck they even have a data security solution via their acquisition of Tablus last year.

I recently talked about how I think that identity and data will inevitably collide and need to be integrated somehow, so EMC seems to be positioning themselves to address this. They'll surely also tie this in nicely (at least from a marketing standpoint) with EMC's data and storage solutions. The problem is that for years, RSA has had a great big hole in the identity space. They still do. What is it? Come on, it's obvious. If you want the answer, read on.

RSA don't do identity provisioning. They used to address this great big hole via a partnership with Thor until Oracle came along and screwed up the party by buying Thor.

This partnership with Courion looks to be a step towards filling that gap once again...and with the might of EMC behind them, can an acquisition of Courion be far behind? If they wait too long they may end up making the same mistake twice and having the Oracle/Thor thing happen to them a 2nd time.

If EMC want RSA to be a serious player in the security marketplace moving forward, they need to do it. At the moment, they are a long way behind Oracle, IBM, CA, Sun and Novell in this respect...unless you just want those RSA SecurID tokens.

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