Friday, November 02, 2007

TrendMicro gets into DLP

I'm a few days late on this as usual. My excuse is that I've been busy working with a huge global organisation on their data security, protection, leakage prevention and PCI requirements.

With the spate of acquisitions in the Data Leakage Prevention space lately, it comes as no surprise that another has just occurred. TrendMicro acquired Provilla earlier this week. This trend will probably continue as all the large vendors try to elbow each other for a position at the front of the pack in this space and attempt to round out their security portfolios. That being said, we're still waiting on the rumoured Symantec acquisition of Vontu.

So you can add TrendMicro to the list of large DLP vendors I mentioned here...with the exception of Symantec (at least for now).

The question remains...what are the REALLY big vendors doing? I'm glad you asked (continued in the next blog entry).

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