Thursday, July 05, 2007

SAP would do well to buy Ping

Ping Identity's been doing a lot of good work in the Identity space of late. Their latest is being first to market (at least I think they are) to launch a cross-over solution for Microsoft Windows Cardspace and OpenID in the form of

They are perhaps the most active startup in the Enterprise Identity Management space (the guys at Securent might beg to differ) and are crossing over into the User Centric Identity arena of late, most notably with their interoperability tests at the RSA Conference earlier this year. They're also frequently mentioned by Kim Cameron on his blog in relation to work they do with Federated Identity and Cardspace, so it's not really surprising that they've launched

I was browsing their site when I came across a press release from mid June which mentions that their PingFederate product is now SAP NetWeaver certified. This jumped out at me because of my recent train of thought relating to SAP.

I wonder if SAP has its eyes on Ping Identity as an acquisition target? It would have fit right in with the NetWeaver story even without having PingFederate certified against it. Add the foray into the User Centric Identity space and it would give SAP a competitive advantage against the other established Enterprise Identity Management vendors. Why? Because very few of them are doing very much about it. Novell and Sun come to mind. The other vendors are too busy trying to acquire more companies to fill out their risk and compliance portfolios.

If I made the decisions at SAP, this is something I'd be pursuing aggressively. Then again, I don't run a multi-billion dollar company so what would I know.

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