Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New look and name for the blog

This won't affect those of you reading this via an RSS feed. For those that usually get to my posts directly on the site, you'll notice a different look. No reason behind the change in look and feel other than to keep it fresh. It's just a standard template that is available via Blogger so it's not as if I spent any time or money to do it. I also started to notice that lots of people were using the same template (as my old one) so that was yet another reason for the change.

The most observant among you may also have noticed that I've renamed the blog. I hope the new name reflects what this is all about more clearly. The old name was a bit open ended. There's been nothing random about my posts for awhile so that didn't really make sense. This blog is really about IT security with a strong bias around Identity related issues (and probably data security in the months to come).

I'm not sure what that does to my blog's entry in Google's index. Hopefully nothing too painful (like getting thrown into supplemental result oblivion for example).

P.S. Could you please let me know (via comments or the "Email Me" form on the right hand side of the page) if you find any peculiarities with the blog (apart from anything stupid I may say in a blog post...even then write a comment to tell me what you think). Who knows what didn't get migrated over properly.

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