Friday, May 18, 2007

No more Identity?

I've finally relented and have finally gotten myself a job. Living in London is expensive, so I had to eventually :)

While the role I've taken is still in information security, it doesn't focus directly on Identity and Access Management. The focus of my new role will be more data centric. Namely focusing on data usage, monitoring, and leakage prevention. The technology essentially lets you have an enterprise view of what data is being used for which purposes and by whom. It can also enforce operating system level controls to prevent people from performing certain actions on critical or sensitive data. At the very least, everything is being monitored, if not enforced. When I say context, I mean everything from the type of file, what's being done to it and what the contents of the file are. I'm over-simplifying. It does more than that, but I don't want to write an essay. Seeing it in action reinforced my belief in the need for this type of solution in the market. It's actually very cool...and I'm not just saying that.

I won't continue on with the sell job. In fact, I've purposely not mentioned who I work least not yet (if you REALLY want to know, it's not hard to find out if you're web-savvy enough). I don't want to turn the blog into a selling tool. It's MY blog after all...not the company's. I'll just keep writing exactly what I think on here and call things like I see them.

All that being said, I maintain my interest in the Identity area, so I won't stop talking about that. I may just deviate from it now and then...which is not really that different from what I've been doing anyway.

Incidentally, my coverage region is EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). So for those of you in the region, I may be seeing you around :)

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I just found your blog. Awesome. :)