Monday, March 19, 2007

Moving to London

I announced at the end of January that I would be moving from Sydney to London. That day has come. I'll be boarding a flight later tonight (it's the early hours of Monday morning here in Sydney) bound for Heathrow airport.

I will more than likely be wrestling with the logistics of moving and may not get the time to post as often as I normally do. Apologies if this occurs. Hopefully I'll get myself settled in London sooner rather than later so things can get back to normal.

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Unknown said...


Not sure when this will get to you. My linkedIN profile is
and I can be contacted on 07971 861 437. I am very interested in talking with you for obvious reasons. Please do give me a call when you get a spare moment.


PS Apologies if this is an inappropriate use of the feedback form but I've not yet come up with an alternative way of contacting you.