Monday, February 26, 2007

A sign you are an identity geek

It's almost 5am in the morning and what do you do? Sign up to get your own OpenID.

Sure, I could have done this at any other time but I couldn't sleep and am just going through my RSS feeds in Google Reader. I got bored and decided to take a break from reading hence the OpenID sign up.

In case anyone's wondering, I used as my provider. That means my OpenID is:

I don't plan to keep it that way however. I fully intend to use OpenID's delegation capabilities and use or some variation related to my domain. I don't think I can be bothered to do that at 5am in the morning however...mainly because isn't really hosted anywhere at the moment (I own the domain but didn't bother with hosting services). What this means is there's no actual HTML page that I can modify to leverage the delegation capabilities. I could use and modify the header on my blog, but doesn't make sense as an OpenID identifier in my humble opinion. Perhaps I'll map to in the DNS settings. I'll figure this out tomorrow...or maybe later in the week.

Phil Windley has a post on how to do this if anyone's interested.

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