Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm now using Feedburner

You may have noticed I've added a link to the right hand column for a more convenient way to subscribe to this blog's feed (for those without a browser that's capable of automatically detecting the feed URL).

I've done this in conjunction with switching to using Feedburner to serve up the feed. Why did I do this you ask? Because Blogger doesn't bother giving feed stats so I have absolutely no idea how my feed is being utilised...or even if I have anyone subscribing to my feeds (You guys at Google/Blogger listening?!) I considered migrating my blog to Wordpress because they have feed stats, but that was just too much trouble.

I happen to know there are a few of you out there currently subscribing to my Blogger feed, but only because you told me. Otherwise, I would be none the wiser and still be thinking that no one reads this. Your current feeds should still work because Blogger doesn't cut off its default feeds simply because I've changed all my internal page links and meta data to point at my new feed. But it would be great if you could do me a favour and start using the new feed by clicking here. Thanks!

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