Monday, January 29, 2007

Today's my 6 year anniversary working for...

Ok, so until now I have not explicitly said which company I work for...not that anyone reading this couldn't have figured it out. My details are out on the web and a Google search for "Ian Yip" will allow one to discover my employer within the first 2 pages of the search results because using your wonderful powers of deduction, you should know I'm not a doctor (do that search and you'll get what I mean), I'm Australian and I live in Australia (at least I do at the moment - more on this in the next paragraph) and I have an interest in all things Identity related. For those still scratching your head, today is my 6 year anniversary working for IBM. For that reason, I've tried to steer clear of talking about anything IBM related unless it was relevant to the topic, both because I don't want to appear biased nor do I want IBM coming after me for anything inflammatory I might say about the company. Those of you who know me understand I'm rather cynical at the best of times...especially towards my current employer. (Aside: So what did I get from IBM for my 6 year anniversary you ask? Well, nothing. Not that I expected anything. For my 5 year anniversary, I received a Selangor Pewter puzzle! I was so thrilled by it I can't even remember what type of puzzle it was...nor can I remember where I put it. I don't remember trying to sell it on eBay? Hmmm.)

Why am I bringing this up you ask? Well, my last official day at IBM Australia is in February. The obvious question most will ask is "what company have you defected to"? The right question to ask is "where are you going"? I'm moving to the UK for a year or 2. Maybe more. Who knows. I've yet to find a job over there for various reasons. Distance being one and Visa hoops to jump through being the other. I may just wait until I get there to find a job if it all gets too difficult. Nothing like being in someone's face rather than speaking over the telephone. Who knows...maybe no one will want to hire me and I'll just spend the time travelling through Europe. Now there's an idea! All I can say is that it'll be interesting to see where I end up.

Guess I'll have to change my blog profile soon to reflect my move...not yet though. I still remain based in Australia for a few more weeks.

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