Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Identity & Access Management products and customers - a list

A common question from people interested in the Enterprise Identity & Access Management space is "which customers use this product"? So I thought I'd take a step towards helping figure this out.

I've compiled a list of products and the customers using them. This is not a full list. It is simply one I compiled using publically available information on the web. Each entry in the list should have a link to the relevant article I found.

I'll have a permanent link on the right side of my blog so it's always available. I figured it was better than relying on people having to dig up this post to get to the list everytime (unless you've bookmarked the list directly of course).


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,

I'm the team lead for Atlassian Crowd. I'm not sure if you accept vendor claims about customers, but we have over 200, and a list of some of those happy to be publicly quoted is here.

Dave, in sunny-ish Sydney.

Ian said...

Thanks Dave. I don't usually unless there's a case study for each customer. Do you have any?

But I'll make an exception for Atlassian given that you are an Australian company (you still are aren't you?) and your founders went to the same University as me (Go UNSW!).