Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yet more bank stupidity

I wasn't happy with the bank's answer that I could not transfer EVERYTHING from my old credit card to my new one (refer to my post on this issue) so I rang again for a 2nd opinion on the off chance that I'd be able to get someone to actually do it for me (either due to lack of training, or more training depending on how experienced the person I talked to the other day was).

As usual, I had to authenticate myself verbally and proceed to explain to the person on the other end of the phone my situation. I should just record my explanation and replay it back to them each time. I've called them enough times to warrant such an action. Much to my surprise, the customer service representative I spoke to told me I could actually do it! I asked "does this mean my credit limit, balance and reward points get combined too?" He responded with a "yes". I then asked if it would cost me anything. He assured me it wouldn't. So he proceeded to do whatever it was that needed to be done in their crappy system and asked if I would mind being put on hold. I agreed. Next thing I knew, I was cut off. Now I don't know if it was because the telephone company coincidentally decided to cut me off at that particular point in time or if it was because he simply hit the wrong button. I'm inclined to think it was the latter. I waited for a few minutes to see if he would call me back (they have my number). Nothing! I wasn't surprised.

I'm quite used to bad service from this bank now, so I just called them again and had to authenticate myself once again (although this time, I knew the drill too well and gave them all the answers before they asked the questions - so they decided I sounded dodgy and asked me more questions) and explain the situation...again. This time however, I was told that I could NOT transfer EVERYTHING. I simply had to use all my points and then cancel the old card. This was what they told me before. I wish they could just get their story straight!

At this point, I'd had enough of the bank's crap and insisted that I was told by them it could be done. I decided I would settle for simply having my points transferred to my new account. Anything else just seemed to difficult for them. I eventually managed to get them to transfer me to their rewards department...whom I also had to explain my story to again! Once that was done, they somehow could not see that I had another card with them (although the customer service representative I spoke with before could). Beats me how they survive with such a bad CRM system. After some insistence on my part about how I was told it could be done and that I did not see why they could not just do it given that I owned both cards AND the rewards points. They put me on hold then came back and said that they would do it. I was put on hold again for a few minutes and they eventually came back to tell me it was done. I thanked them and was about to hang up only to have the "rewards department" now try to sell me more insurance and credit protection services (which they had tried to sell me every other time I'd called up in the past week). I'd had enough and just said I knew about it and had said no each time they offered me these same products. They then had the nerve to tell me that I was probably thinking of another product and then proceeded to tell me the name of the one they meant. I said I'd also said no to this one multiple times! They knew I wasn't a happy camper and eventually let me go. Oh the pain!

To further add to my pain, this bank had recently upgraded their online systems to have customers log in using a username rather than their account numbers. I use the term "upgrade" very loosely. First of all, they didn't tell me they had done it. I tried to log in only to find that it all looked different and I now had to register for the right to use their new "improved" system. So, I registered only to find that it only let me link my online username to one card. I thought that this surely could not be the case! A modern global bank like this one surely could not be so archaic - especially in light of the fact that the system was just "upgraded". I called them again (I should start charging them for my phone bill) to ask what the deal was. I was then advised that each username could only be linked to a single credit card. To have online facilities for my new credit card, I had to register again! In other words, I needed a separate login/username for my other credit card. We have enough trouble trying to remember all our logins to multiple websites and systems and here I have a single bank trying to get me to remember multiple usernames and passwords for the same system! I don't know how they can call this system an upgraded one without laughing!

Maybe I should go to talk to the IT department (I don't know if they deserve to be called that) and make myself (and the company I work for) some extra $$$ by fixing their sorry excuse for an IT infrastructure!

But for now...I have to go figure out a new username and password to use for my other credit card!!!!!

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