Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I've finally relented and joined the masses

New blogs are being added daily at an astounding rate (I could find out exactly what this is, but where's the fun in that) so I thought I'd add to the clutter. It also gives me somewhere to jot (Gees, it's been awhile since I used that word - consequence of the computer generation I suppose - no one jots anymore. Now they ping, type and blog) down my thoughts that I think are worth taking down for future reference...who knows, maybe one day I'll look back and realise what I fool I was when I made various posts.

Note: I live (and grew up) in Australia hence I use the "Queen's English" to spell. So for me, "realise" is the correct spelling and NOT "realize".

I'm not a diary writer. I did that once and my brother decided it would be funny to spend his days looking for it and when he found it, he read it...all of it. I vowed never to write another diary again. A blog isn't a diary I suppose...or at least I'll be sure only to publish thoughts that have been through my "embarrassment filter".

I've always thought about starting a blog. It usually takes a compelling event however, for me to relent to doing something I think about doing...but never get around to. I'll post about this in a separate entry to keep the thread "pure".

It also dawned on me as a result of the aforementioned compelling event that I've now been cursed (or blessed depending on your point of view) with having my day job seep into my subconscious and actually dictate how I feel about certain issues and how I behave in relation to certain everyday situations.

Lastly, my day job is very much about what is currently commonly referred to as "Identity Management" and I've realised the dearth of information and opinions relating to this topic (that is now apparently close to my heart given I'm now blogging about it) outside of North American (and some European) "Identity luminaries". So, being the patriot I am, I thought Australia (being one of the most stringently regulated countries in the world in terms of privacy) should be represented!

Of course, if no one ever reads this, then I'm pretty much talking to it's pretty much like what happens to me daily then.

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